He Got Hot – Johnny Rapid, Tom Faulk

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Here’s how it went: I was in a kind of twink mood. I say kind of because I didn’t want skinny, scrawny twinks, I wanted something harder and beefier. So I turned to my good and faithful Men (dot-com) for a movie and literally came across ‘He Got Hot’ which has in it a very hot, almost-twink, Johnny Rapid. This guy is slim, smooth, sweet of face, and has all the right twink attributes and yet is in a class of his own.

I always like a good session with Johnny and when I found this scene also had in it Tom Faulk, well I was half way to heaven already.

In this perfect match-up, Johnny ‘bumps into’ Tom in the street, though you get the idea that he’s been staking him. Tom’s a right old surfer dude with the muscles, tatts and attitude and, after a ‘remember me?’ session, the two of them head back to the house for some innocent catching up. But you just know that there’s nothing innocent in Johnny’s mind. The chat on the sofa soon turns to girls and why hasn’t Johnny got one? It gets better: he’s still a virgin? (The way he tells Tom, the quit voice, the dark eyebrows, the sexy overbite… ouch, it’s hot!)

Not to worry, Tom’s going to sort it, the guys are going on a night out, but not before they’ve had some practice.

Johnny Rapid – The Top Of The Pops for Gay Porn

Ok, so it kind of comes out of nowhere but the evening gets off to a homely start with some innocent, first-time, virgin big dick sucking. Johnny turns out to be quite good at it and manly Tom turns out to quite like it. Within a few minutes both guys are naked and sucking each other’s’ cocks. Both guys are smooth and hard, and cut, so when Johnny takes his first ride of anther guy’s gay cock and you get in close for the close-up it’s the second time you nearly blow your load while watching this great scene.

And from there on it just gets better and better, harder and faster, and all the way through Tom’s talking and Johnny’s gasping as they guys change positions and Johnny, sweet and innocent looking, gets his first take of man sex.

But, by the way the pair of them explode at the end, we just know it’s not going to be his last.