Tour Of Duty Part 2 – Jaxton Wheeler, Tom Faulk, Topher Di Maggio

Three hot, hunky, muscled and topless guys wait around in a dark bunker. Their camouflage trousers and hats tell us they are soldiers, the title, Tour Of Duty (part 2) backs that up, we know we are in for a hot military hardcore scene because of the site the movie is from, Drill My Hole. We all know that if it’s coming from that site it’s going to be well made and well acted. What we are not sure about is what is going to happen next. There is a brief storyline as our three soldiers, Topher Di Maggio, Tom Faulk and Jaxton Wheeler discuss what they should do. Tom smokes, the guys discuss the navy and how guys get together with guys, and how bored they are, and how they need to do something…
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Well, you know, when three guys are topless, in combat gear, bored and talking about man on man sex, someone’s gunna get a hardon and in this case it’s Topher. The other two agree they might as well do something, and as Topher’s hard and Tom’s bored, might as well get Tom down there sucking on his big dick. He gets it out, through the fly of his pants and Tom starts giving head. While he’s doing this Jaxton is to one side, getting his own stiff dick out and giving it a palming. Tom finds himself choking on Topher’s dark eight and a half inch cock, but he fights bravely on before turning his aching mouth towards Jaxton’s length. He services that as well and it soon becomes clear who the subservient boy is going to be on this battle field.

There’s a great moment when the other two guys both go down on Topher’s cock and balls, giving them a great work over, and he’s still got his army pants on; they worship that huge cock of his. And then Tom, on his front, worships Jaxton’s and the big guy’s muscles. As he is laying down, Tom is showing off his smooth ass and before long Topher has his hand on it and is getting some ideas. Soon, still with his army pants on and his impressive cock sticking through them, Topher gets to fuck Tom’s ass. The boy is spit-roasted between his two soldier buddies, on his front, on his back sucking cock from above, they try it all ways.

Tom gets well used by his army mates in this scene, right up to the finale where they shoot over his face, and he shoots over his tight stomach. And through it all, Topher keeps his army pants on giving us a real flavour of soldier sex in another brilliantly shot hardcore scene.