The new gay pornstars – Bennet Anthony

I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along for a while now and finally all my dreams have come true. Mind you, when you have a membership to Drill My Hole you don’t have to wait very long for dream content to come along. If older/younger is up your street then this scene with rock you. If you like red haired guys with big cocks, then this scene will rock you. If you like twinks with cute faces and smooth asses, then this scene will totally rock you. What DMH have done this time is bring in a new guy, The New Exclusive, and his name is Bennet Anthony.

Bennett’s a muscly redhead with a cut cock and a few tats, and he describes himself as a top. So, who do put him with to check out his first exclusive appearance? None other than veteran twink Johnny Rapid. I mean who else is there? (Well, Tyler Sweet would be a close contender, perhaps another dream will come true and they’ll put him in a scene with Bennett before long.) So, what we have is a top guy with red hair, a beard and a great cock (and you either love that or you put up with it, I for one have a thing about guys with red hair), and then we have our top twink. It’s going to be a great show!

The scene starts off with some info from Bennett as he talks to the camera. That’s interesting enough to listen to and well worth staying with. But after a few minutes he talks about meeting Johnny and we see the two guys meet up for the first time. They’re on a sofa, it’s a pretty simple scene, and there’s no story to it. It’s rather like an audition tape, so if you also like first timers in their audition videos, then this one is going to suit you. It’s not long before both guys are naked though and we get this great view of the tough redhead guy working Johnny’s cock; that’s after the top twink has done his thing with the cut six and half inches from our new guy.

But the proof of the porn is in the seating and that’s where Johnny’s real expertise comes in. He sits himself down onto Bennett’s thick cock, and we get the whole thing in close up. The best part of the scene, for me, comes with the side-fuck; Johnny on his side and Bennett drilling him hard from behind, their faces are close together, older (looking) and younger, bigger and smaller, red and smooth pale skin and Bennett’s cock in so deep his almost pushing Johnny off the sofa. Bennett knows how to hold back on a cum shot and deliver a great load as well, but you’re going to have to go and check out this masterly debut performance for yourself. You won’t regret it!