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Claiming Some Jock Ass

conran January 5, 2013 College Dudes 24/7 No Comments

Handsome Dennis Slade might be pretty new to the College Dudes site, but this boy is undoubtedly horny for cock. After appearing in his first jerk off scene in October he’s been back to get his jock ass fucked by two boys, and this is twink boy Hunter Page claiming it for his cock!

Hunter Page fucks jock ass

This could be a perfect match, because Dennis Slade clearly loves to get his jock ass filled up with cock, and young Hunter Page has quite a few inches that he loves to slide into something warm and wet too. I guess the guys on the site knew that these boys would get on pretty well!

As soon as Hunter’s hard cock is out Dennis is on it and sucking as much juice from the head as he can get. This is one horny boy, and that’s made even more clear when he gets his own cock gobbled by Hunter and then quickly gets on his hands and knees with his hot jock ass on show and ready to be fucked.

Hunter really doesn’t hold back in this video, and Dennis doesn’t want him to either. You can see him backing into that shaft and getting as much of Hunter’s pole inside him as he can, and when he’s on his back you can totally see how much Dennis needs that cock inside him!

I’m a fan of both these boys, but I would love the chance to fuck the cum out of Dennis and then make him drink my load too ;)


Hunter Page sucks Dennis Slade's jock cock

Hunter Page sinks his cock into Dennis Slade

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