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Straight Boy Barebacked

conran August 6, 2012 Seth Chase No Comments

I’m guessing Seth Chase has a lot of money to pay his boys, because these straight guys do a hell of a lot of hardcore stuff on video and that kind of thing takes some serious money. JJ Michaels is the straight boy barebacked in this video, and loving it too!

Str8 bareback fucked

JJ Michaels has actually only recently sucked Seth’s cock, but I think he liked what he tasted in that video. He didn’t just cautiously gobble the dudes fuckmeat, he sucked the hot cum from that shaft and got his first taste of man milk from Sean’s boner – the fact that he’s back for more either means he REALLY needs the cash, or he actually enjoyed it a little – I think it’s a bit of both!

We all remember our first ass fuck, and JJ Michaels is no different when it comes to the discomfort of a dick sliding in there for the first time. He screams about it for a little while, but with some more precum oozing from Seth’s cock to lube up that ass the second slide in has JJ groaning and moaning and totally getting off on the sensation of having his virgin ass plundered.

It’s so horny watching this straight boy barebacked for the first time, but the thought of Seth splooging his cum inside that ass and being the first to unload in there is hot. He pulls out too as he’s cumming, delivering plenty more ball juice to splash over the lads back and ass, dribbling down his nuts to the bed.

I think it’s a safe bet that JJ Michaels will be back for more cock after this video. He clearly loved taking those inches of hard dick up his butt!


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