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Ever Had A Locker Room Threeway?

conran December 15, 2011 Hot Jocks Nice Cocks No Comments

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need some motivation for the Gym. The thought of all that semi-hard cock on show in the showers after is normally all I need, but for these footballers they have a totally hardcore reward for their sporty efforts in this video from Hot Jocks Nice Cocks!

Locker room jock threeway

I’m happy to have all that jock cock on show in the showers after a work out to keep me inspired and motivated, and it sometimes leads to some mutual stroking and sucking too if I’m really lucky and find a curious or horny guy. But I have to admit that if a locker room threeway was the traditional reward for your efforts in the team I’d be taking part in every sport going!

After coach Stevens and his assistant Ari Sylvio give their best players some congratulatory chat in the locker room, Ari is left to give Drew Cutler and Tristan Jaxx a special reward while Stevens takes Bobby away, presumably for something extra special too!

Ari is eager to give the boys something they’ll truly appreciate, and nothing could get them more inspired to keep their winning streak going than offering his tight ass and his warm mouth for them to use! He gets sucking first, licking and slurping down some rock hard and thick cock. But the boys are eager to get a taste of dick too and they’re soon offering their own mouths for any fuck stick that happens to be free.

Ari bends over with his ass ready to be stuffed, and that’s what he gets as the guys take turns riding his man hole, sliding their boners into him as they take turns to ram him deep and suck their teammate too!

This video had me thinking back to all those stories I’ve heard about what goes on in the team locker rooms around the world, and I have to say that seeing all those cum loads squirting from these sporty cocks has me thinking about how I might get to be the middle in a locker room threeway like this one! ;)


Locker room jock threeway

Locker room jock threeway


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