Saturday 28th November 2015,
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Had Enough Of Cody’s Teasing?

Cody Cummings is one of the leading gay porn stars in the industry, renowned for being a “gay-for-pay” performer. For many years Cody Cummings has wowed audiences with his impressive muscled body and his really tasty looking long cock, and even though he’s always the one being serviced and pleasured by other dudes, his fame and fan-base seemingly just grows.

Hung Cody Cummings

But when do guys decide they’ve had enough of the teasing and start to loose interest?

There are signs that this day came last year when Cody Cummings finally showed his expert cock sucking skills. Surfers were lured in with the promise of seeing this straight guy sucking cock for the first time. But there was a twist in the tale.

The cock Cody Cummings was sucking on film was his own! Yes, it was revealed that Cody Cummings has the incredible talent that few men possess and millions can only dream of – he can bend himself into position and get the head of his delicious dick into his own mouth for a sexy sucking session!
Of course it does help that Cody has a long cock, but he’s obviously flexible too, and we enjoyed watching him flip his legs over his head and lower that tasty meat between his lips.

But it didn’t end there. A few short months passed and a new video appeared, this time suggesting that Cody was about to experience some anal action!
Now, perhaps this was what millions of men had been waiting for, but all was again not what it seemed. This time Cody was teamed up with a chick and a dude, once again sucking on the head of his own cock (and sharing it with his co-stars for the shoot) while taking a toy in his butt.

But had he gone far enough?

It appears not, because in the past couple of months yet another new video was released pushing his boundaries even further, with a quote from Cody himself – “I never claimed I am completely straight”

For this hot shoot the straight muscle dude was teamed up with Anthony Romero, who serviced his meat and worshiped that beautiful cock before Cody lent a hand and jerked the dude off! You heard me, for the first time in years we saw Cody Cummings playing with another hard cock on film.

So you would think that perhaps this “not so straight” straight guy might take it a little further. Well, we’re waiting with baited breath. But recently he appears again alongside John Magnum, and then with Brandon Lewis, and jerking other hard cocks has become somewhat of a regular feature!

So what’s next, will he taste another dude’s dick? Will he ever take a hard cock up his butt? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

One thing that is certain though, whatever Cody does eventually do, they’ll milk it for everything it’s worth and delay every sexual move until the anticipation is unbearable!


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