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Locker Chat: The Austin Wilde Interview

Here at Gay Locker, we have been working hard on some new things, and there are many more to come. The first you may notice, is a complete redesign of the site, it still isn’t completely finished as I would like some toons on the background, but I have not hired anyone to do those yet. Some new features you will start noticing is the Man Candy, where we feature hot guys from the modeling world, and now you get your first glimpse at the Locker Chat, where we interview porn stars and other prominent people from the gay adult world! Some things you can look forward to include a review section that is currently in the works, we have 100 reviews of hot gay sites done, and we are working on getting those into our system now to make live. Down the road from that, we will be adding a tube feature with hot free videos for you guys to check out. Enough about Gay Locker though, lets get on to the ‘meat’ of this post, our interview with our new favorite big dicked jock, Austin Wilde.

GayLocker- Hey Austin, thanks for joining us on, you are actually our first interview in what is going to be a weekly series! You recently launched your own website with the people behind Next Door Male, so I thought it was very fitting to have you on as soon as possible.

Let’s start off with the basics first. The first thing that most gay men ask when starting a conversation online is what are your stats?

Austin Wilde – I’m 5’9″ 170lbs. 8 pack, shaved head, brown eyes, Dick- 8×6.5″ cut

GayLocker – I have interviewed many porn stars over the years.  I have found that about 50% of them are in relationships and the other 50% are very happily single. Which one are you?

Austin Wilde – I’m single. My career in the industry is going strong right now so I’m traveling 75% of the time. That makes it hard to start something.

GayLocker – As I mentioned in the intro, you currently have a site that is a partnership with the people behind Next Door Male, however you have also worked for such studios as Raging Stallion, Falcon, CockyBoys and even Fleshjack. Are you currently signed exclusively with any one company?

Austin Wilde – I’m signed with Next Door Studios. But for the first year am able to work with a select few other studios. After the first year, if everything is going well, I’ll be exclusive with JUST Next Door Studios/my site.

GayLocker – People often times have a misconception about the porn industry being this horrible work place with shady characters all around.  However, in my experience, I have met some of the nicest people around and worked with some really great people. I am sure you have experienced the same. Who are a few of the people or companies that have really made an impact on you and made you realize that the porn industry really is much better than its reputation may lead people to believe?

Austin Wilde – Sure, the industry has its fair share of “shady characters”. I point out and weed out those type of people from my life. A few people that have made this experience great- Ryan Raz, Jeremy Bilding, Marcus Mojo, Brandon Lewis and my agent, Howard. I’m actually going to Australia in February with Brandon and Ryan. So that should say something right there!

GayLocker – Many porn stars take on several jobs, all within the realm of the adult industry. I have seen models work as massage therapists, dancers and even escorts. Do you have any side jobs that you do inside or outside of the adult industry spectrum?

Austin Wilde – Other than doing shoots, I dance some. Mainly while doing appearances and events. It all keeps me super busy.

GayLocker – With your new site that opened up, you have taken a step that many porn stars do not, or are not given the opportunity to do. You have a site that revolves completely around you. Obviously you are very ambitious and have had much success in the porn industry. What do you expect we will be seeing from you in the next year? 5 years?

Austin Wilde – In the next year, definitely more of my bottoming scenes on my site. Maybe even a bi scene. That doesn’t sound THAT crazy. But I’ve never slept with a woman. So it’ll be interesting to see how that works.

GayLocker – When I did adult film work in the past, I had a few people recognize me. Sometimes it lead to some very awkward situations for me, including one time where I was waiting tables and one of my customers recognized me. Have you had anyone recognize you from your work? Has it lead to any funny stories that you could share?

Austin Wilde – Yeah, it happens more than I would have ever imagined. It just happened over new years when I was in NYC, which I never expected. The funniest was when a guy at a bar(with his bf) in L.A. ran up and hugged me and wanted to take pics. His bf got mad…but he didn’t seem to care.

GayLocker – You have obviously spent lots of time in front of a camera with all of the videos that you have filmed. What is one thing that you could share with your fans about that experience that you think that most of them may not know? (Maybe how long it takes to shoot?)

Austin Wilde – Shoots vary depending on the type of scene you’re shooting(i.e. a web scene verses an actual DVD movie, threesomes, etc). Most web scenes take about 2-3 hours. The longest I was ever on set was about 8 hours. Talk about being cranky at the end of the workday. ha.  Also, there AREN’T fluffers on set, like many people think.

GayLocker – Last but not least, of all of your accomplishments in the industry so far, and there have been many of them, what is the one that you are most proud of?

Austin Wilde – Because I don’t do porn to win awards, none of them were really expected. So it’s hard to say. But probably the Grabbys 2010 Best Newcomer

If you would like to see more of Austin Wilde, please take the time to visit his brand new website! On there you can watch him suck cock, get sucked, eat ass and pound hole. There is everything from jack off scenes to 3 ways and much more. You can visit his site by clicking the link below. Also, if you are on Twitter, you can follow him as well @AustinWilde


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