Sunday 01st February 2015,
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Hardcore Twink Sex With Flip Flopping Lukas Grande And Jake Bass

I have long adored young Jake Bass, and his pairing with gorgeous Lukas Grande for this hardcore twink sex video on the Cocky Boys site has renewed my adoration of him this week too. I think a lot of you guys are going to enjoy this addition as much as I am right now!

Hardcore Twink Sex With Flip Flopping Lukas Grande And Jake Bass 1

Both of these boys are versatile twinks, and that’s one of the things that makes them an excellent couple to film too. You can predict that this is going to be a flip flop scene, right? lol

Jake has made a return to the hardcore gay porn business for this duo as far as I can tell, and what a welcome he’s getting. They start out in the tub, enjoying each others company in a totally adorable setting. But you know they can’t just remain playful and innocent for long.

Jake needs some cock, and Lukas isn’t going to say no as he gets sucking and stroking. Returning the pleasure after drying off takes us into the bedroom, where the real fun begins. After Lukas gives Jake an amazing butt fucking, and very nearly ends the scene with some cum loads there and then, Jake surprises him with a hasty reversal of the action, claiming his tight little ass for his own dick!

Needless to say, this hardcore twink video ends with someone coated in goey twink ball juice, and Lukas loves it :)



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European Gay Bareback With Marc Ruffalo And Tim Campbell

There is one thing that the Bel Ami Online site is absolutely famous for all around the world, and that’s delivering the hottest European gay bareback porn we have possibly ever seen. Check out this new video with Marc Ruffalo and his buddy Tim Campbell and I think every single one of you would have to agree.

European Gay Bareback With Marc Ruffalo And Tim Campbell 1

They’re known for more than just that though. They have some of the most stunning young men in the business working for them and appearing in some truly amazing hardcore scenes, with big uncut cocks, real hot fucking and some amazing cum loads too. Again, this duo video will confirm that if you have any doubts.

Marc is out enjoying the pool and getting a little assistance from Tim, oiling him up to protect him from the baking sun. With a hot guy like him willing to get so hands-on it’s no surprise Tim is soon suggesting they head inside to share some horny action. Marc doesn’t need asking twice, and before you know it there’s a feast of uncut cock sucking going on as the guys gorge themselves on each others meat!

The hunger they have is obvious, but it’s the flip flop fucking the boys share to get their big cum loads splashing out for each other that really has me wanking it hard. You can expect each of these guys to be riding their friend with the kind of passion you want to see, and of course finishing with plenty of hot cum gushing forth too!

It’s a great European gay bareback scene with a couple of totally hot guys, one that I think most of you will be jacking off over for weeks :)



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Muscle Dom Trenton Ducati Uses Leon Fox

If you get off on muscle dom men then you have to be a fan of Trenton Ducati. This big guy is one of the hottest and hunkiest men on the Bound Gods site, and this time it’s lucky Leon Fox getting to experience the pain and pleasure of a long abusive session with the guy.

Muscle Dom Trenton Ducati Uses Leon Fox 1

Leon is already bound up in what is cutely referred to as the “Chain Room”. Highly unimaginative I know, kind of like Australians naming locations such as “Sandy Beach” with absolutely no irony. But it is what it is, and we can overlook this when we see the hunky slave ready and waiting reluctantly.

The fun starts with Trenton making some reasonable use of his slave, having the lad clean his leather and lick his boots. The man is a practical guy like that, and you have to wonder how long it would be before he has him doing the dusting.

Things get a little more interesting when the bucket of water arrives and the master starts the real abuse, dunking his head in the cold water and then slamming his hard cock into the guys ass! Yes, straight from the practical to the oh-so horny!

Flogging and face fucking comes next, something I think a lot of you will probably wish you were involved in, more so than the cleaning at least. Finally the muscle dom gets his fuck slave right where he wants him, bound and with his ass in the air, arms back, unable to resist as the master slams his fuckmeat into his ass over and over again.

Still, Leon seems to get off on it, shooting a hot load of cum as his master uses his hole, then getting a really nice cum facial as his reward!



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