Thursday 18th September 2014,
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Julien Hussey Takes Every Hung And Uncut Inch From Jack Harrer

Never let it be said that the Bel Ami Online site doesn’t know how to hook up some of their hottest performers together for a great fuck scene. Hung and uncut Jack Harrer is topping young Julien Hussey for this video, and it’s awesome!

Julien Hussey Takes Every Hung And Uncut Inch From Jack Harrer 1

You might think it would be fucking great to have a hung and uncut cock like the one Jack owns, but he actually finds it a little tricky to find guys willing and able to take that thick and long shaft inside their ass. I know, you’re probably greedy like I am and would love to take every inch, but there’s a hell of a lot of porn stars who are just too scared to let that dick in their ass.

Julien is not one of those scared guys though, as you can see from the pics of this hardcore action. He loves thick and meaty cocks, and he gets off on being stuffed full of those inches. Check it out as the guys suck on each other and the hung lad gets every inch inside his buddy for an amazing fuck!

Julien is hard all the way through, wanking himself off as his pucker is stretched by that fat meat, and when he finally cums he unloads a massive mess of semen all over himself, and gets a hot splashing of thick goo from his hung top shortly after too!



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Corbin Dallas in a hardcore gay gang fuck

I think it’s fair to call Corbin Dallas a bit of a cock whore. He’s begging for dicks in this Bound In Public session as he’s brought in blindfolded and restrained, and there are plenty of cocks ready to slide into him as the gang gets rowdy and the gay gang fucking really heats up!

Corbin Dallas in a hardcore gay gang fuck 1

To start things off he’s given a taste of some hard and dribbling fuck meat, let around the room and fed cock after cock as Christian Wilde wanks the dicks into his mouth. He’s no doubt the instigator in this one as he encourages the rowdy men to face fuck him, pink his nipples and humiliate him with drinks being poured over his head.

There’s a lot more to come of course, with some hot flogging and some ball punishment. He’s made to kneel and his nuts are bound so he can’t move away as cocks slide into both ends. The crowd is cheering as he gags on wet meat and feels hard shafts slamming into his fuckhole.

No doubt this can only end when all the cocks he’s been made to suck and take in his ass have splashed cum out over his head, and it seems he’s more than happy to take all their semen in a messy jizz shower!

These guys know how to make an awesome gay gang fuck scene, and I think more than a few of you would love to be in Corbin’s position for this one! ;)



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Gay Bondage Porn With Master Adam Hirst And Captive Jed Athens

Hardcore gay bondage porn doesn’t get much hotter than this example from the always spectacular Bound Gods site. Devious master Adam Hirst has a new gay cock slave to use and abuse in this new scene from the site, and muscled jock Jed Athens makes an extremely hot plaything!

Gay Bondage Porn With Master Adam Hirst And Captive Jed Athens 1

With his prisoner restrained and blindfolded, Adam gets to work stripping the hunk of his clothes. The guy soon feels vulnerable, but he can’t stop his jock cock from responding when the master starts to grope him. With some sucking and jerking Adam has his captive right where he wants him, rock hard and dribbling precum as he bites his stiff dick and makes him cry out.

Making his slave suck his own big juicy dick is just the start, and if Jed thought he was gonna get an easy ride if he just made the guy cum in his mouth he has another thing coming ;)

Flogged and beaten, Jed soon understands that this is about more than satisfying his masters immediate lustful needs and draining his balls to get it over with. Sucking his cock isn’t gonna do it!

Fucking the jocks tight hole is a little better, but Adam loves to make his captives really cry out and scream, the administering of some shocking treatment is sure to get him half way there. With an electric butt plug crammed into his hole Jed gets some shocking treatment inside and out, before the master is finally ready to drain his own balls.

Another hard fucking has both unloading their cocks and leading the poor prisoner drenched in sweat and semen, but he’s not found freedom yet. It seems Adam just wants to leave him there to build up some more cum for another session!

This is some of the best hardcore gay bondage I’ve ever seen, and deserving of plenty of spilled jerked out loads ;)



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