Tuesday 04th August 2015,
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Derek Scott And Jordan Easton Flip Fuck

I love the College Dudes site for many reasons, but the genuine lust for cock so many of their guys clearly have is one of the horniest things about their videos. Check out this new flip fuck between Derek Scott and Jordan Easton and you’ll probably see what I mean about their guys and that hunger!

Derek Scott And Jordan Easton Flip Fuck 1

These two really are so hungry for dick there’s no denying it as they start making out and groping on the bed. Derek is already hard and needing some attention on his pink cock when his buddy releases it from his shorts, and Jordan gets right on it. That dick is delicious looking and Jordan loves the taste as he gives him head and plays with his twitching hole while feasting on his meat :)

One good sucking deserves another, of course, and within short time Jordan has his own tanned uncut cock out for his friend to lick and slurp on. His ass is next, with his hairy cheeks parted so his buddy can get his tongue in there for some proper lapping.

Obviously, this is a flip fuck, so you already know both these boys are gonna get a good ramming from the other.

Jordan goes first, easing his hairy hole down on that pink boner and taking his friend for a ride, then hopping off and sliding his own uncut shaft into Derek, prodding at his prostate while he wanks himself off.

With his cum fucked out of his boner Derek is satisfied, and gets a messy eruption of thick white goo from his uncut friend to finish the scene!



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Straight Boy Jacking Off – Jason Sterling

Jason Sterling is a brand new boy from Louisville, Kentucky, appearing on video and sharing his cock with the world for the very first time in a Broke Straight Boys video, I think I speak for everyone when I say that after seeing this straight boy jacking off we want more!

Straight Boy Jacking Off - Jason Sterling 1

The guy is a little bit nervous about the whole thing, you can tell. I think this just make the video even sexier though, knowing that he’s starting out like that but will probably be really enjoying himself by the end – I’ll get to that obviously, but it’s good! lol

He kicks back and answers some questions before we really get down to the fun, and once his cock is out and he’s showing off his smooth and toned body he seems to be quickly relaxing. He’s obviously not too sure about the camera, but he gets working on his cock anyway and soon has a pretty big boner to stroke.

He jerks on his dick and plays with his cum-filled balls, enjoying himself and working up that cum load to splash out, and believe me he delivers a great splashing load too!

I don’t know whether he was saving up his cum for this and really excited about being on display, or maybe he just squirts hard every time, but he pumps out a great messy load to finish off.

They usually get a guy back for more after filming the straight boy jacking off and spewing his cum out, so I’m really hoping we get to see him sharing that cock with some other guys in the future!



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Military Circle Jerk

There’s been a few “specials” from sites over the last week that I’ve been enjoying, but this one from the SD Boy site might be the horniest one yet. It’s all about those army boys, and most specifically about a military circle jerk they filmed with some boys dumping their cum together.

Military Circle Jerk 1

The video actually includes some solo wanking by one of their guys, but I really want to focus on the group stroking in this one, I think that has to be one of the horniest sights I’ve seen this month.

The gang of boys are all hanging out together when the porn they’re watching gets them all chubby and needing to stroke themselves off. One by one their cocks are released and the boys can’t help but get a little peek at what their friends have to play with.

That’s definitely one of the sexiest things about this for me, seeing those straight guys checking out those hard cocks and comparing their dicks with each other while they jack themselves off and build up their cum load.

All the guys are having fun, you can really tell. They’re pretty playful together and seem to want to push the limits and explore some new things with their buddies!

Their dicks are leaking precum, their balls bouncing as they beat their meat, their curious gazes pausing on a friends cock… and when the cum starts spewing it seems no one can hold theirs back!

A good military circle jerk like this is real hard to find, check it out when you get the chance – like now, for instance :)



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