Wednesday 30th July 2014,
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Fucking Virgin Straight Boy Ass

It’s something a lot of guys obsess about, the thought of fucking a virgin straight boy and making him cum, showing him how hot it can be to get some dick inside him. For this addition at Broke Straight Boys it’s young and gorgeous Ryan Fields getting it good from experienced boy Tyler White!

Fucking Virgin Straight Boy Ass 1

It must be pretty scary for a virgin like him to contemplate taking a cock in his ass, but they’ve really gone all-out on this one. Not only is he new to taking dick, he’s never had anything go up his butt before. A lot of boys at least try a finger, maybe get a tongue or a toy in there before they go for the dick, but not this boy!

What’s more, Tyler is going in raw too, getting some spit lube on his naked length and then easing his shaft in there nice and slow!

Of course, the boys share some delicious sucking before the main event, something both of them clearly love to give and take, but the sight of that virgin straight boy being rammed hard and deep by his new friend is what will really get you all splashing out your cum wads.

And man, do these boys shoot off some hot wads by the time they’re done! I think that means Ryan enjoyed himself, just a little ;)



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Fit Amateur Twink Boys Bareback Fuck Outside!

I know that a lot of you guys love the action on the SD Boy site, and when you see these two fit amateur boys enjoying their uncut dicks with each other in these photos I think a lot of you will be clicking through to watch the hardcore scene and shoot a healthy cum wad along with them!

Fit Amateur Twink Boys Bareback Fuck Outside 1

Saul and Emerson are the cute young twinks enjoying some illicit outdoor action in this hardcore fuck, carrying on some action seen in a previous Latino twink scene that I know had a lot of their members wanting far more.

They definitely get it in this one, with Emerson taking that lubed up slippery uncut cock deep in his ass, standing up and really getting rammed by his friend.

It always amazes me to see the power some of these very slight looking boys have in their hips. Saul might look like a slim and delicate boy, but when his cock is in another boys naked ass he’s a total animal!

Saul isn’t the only one capable of giving a good fucking either, Emerson gets his turn in his friend tight little hole and both amateur twink boys end up splashing out some rather impressive cum shots for each other!

It’s an excellent scene, definitely one for all the fans of Latino uncut twinks and bareback action with some messy cum splashing finales.



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Inked Uncut Jock Tom Crua Gives Yuri Adamov A Good Fucking!

It goes without saying that there are a lot of gorgeous young men on the Staxus site, but I have one of the most delicious for you in this post. I have a real thing for uncut jock Tom Crua, and seeing him giving that naked dick to Russian twink Yuri Adamov in this video is going to have a lot of you clicking through!

Inked Uncut Jock Tom Crua Gives Yuri Adamov A Good Fucking 1

The notion that opposites attract couldn’t be any more obvious than in this video. Young and smooth (dare I say effeminate) Yuri is the complete opposite of the hunky and inked masculine persona of Tom. The two are like chalk and cheese, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a rampant bareback fuck!

They’ve been releasing a few biker themed scenes on the site recently, and I have to say that Tom really suits that look well. Although, I would have loved to have seen him decked out in some leathers and a helmet at the start of this scene. I didn’t know I had a thing for leather gear until I imaged that hottie stripping out of some riding clothes lol

There’s always a lot of sucking and wanking in their videos, getting the fun started, but it’s definitely the act of that uncut jock slamming his cock up into Yuri’s tight little Russian twink ass that has them both on the edge of blasting out their jism.

If I could pick one Staxus guy to get it on with, it would have to be Tom.



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