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Christian Wilde Uses Gay Fuck Slave Brock Rustin!

Christian Wilde is one of the horniest guys on the Bound Gods site in my opinion, and lucky gay fuck slave Brock Rustin is about to find out why in this hardcore gay BDSM session. If you’re not cumming hard watching this then you need to reconsider your sexuality! lol

Christian Wilde Uses Gay Fuck Slave Brock Rustin 1

I have to admit that while I sometimes think I’m too much of a pussy to endure the kind of punishment the guys on this site give their slaves, if it meant getting the cock of gorgeous jock Christian then I think I would be willing to try whatever he wanted to try.

Brock tries to pretend that he’s reluctant, sometimes, but to be honest you know he’s as horny for this action as Christian is. That hard cock doesn’t lie.

The slave really gets a lot of punishment in this session, punctuated with lots of sucking on Christian’s big gorgeous boner. His ass gets a real beating, but the cane and flogger isn’t the only things to assault his rump in this video.

His cock is so rock hard and when he slams it into Brock the slave can’t hold back his passion. You know he’s trying hard not to cum until his master gives him permission, but after Christian pulls out and spews his man juice in Brock’s face the gay fuck slave is finally allowed to unload his cock too, all over Christian’s foot, which he’s then made to lick up!



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Hung boy Kory Houston gives Johnni Matthews every inch!

Kory Houston and Johnni Matthews really don’t plan to hold back in this hardcore fuck scene from the College Dudes site! Hung boy Kory has a long and solid length to give his horny tanned friend, and Johnni is more than a little experienced with big boners like the one he has…

Hung boy Kory Houston gives Johnni Matthews every inch 1

This is a perfect pairing, a couple of guys who are clearly so hungry for cock they can barely slow things down enough to get it on film. I love seeing duos like this, where you can tell that the two guys have been nursing their boners for a while anticipating the sucking and fucking they’re gonna get when they finally hook up for the video.

I have a feeling these two guys have been waiting for this for a little while, because when those dicks are released both boys are rock hard and ready to suck each other within seconds.

There’s no waiting around as both these boys gobble and stroke on each others delicious dicks, with Johnni getting some great head first, then giving his own wet and warm mouth to his hung friend.

You already know who’s going to be doing the fucking in this one, but the rimming and fingering of Johnni’s ass gives that away if you weren’t thinking that far ahead. With a little probing and hole play that pucker is ready to be invaded, with hung boy Kory easing his impressive throbbing length into his buddy for some excellent deep thrusting!

There are some great positions, with Johnni trying his hardest to get every inch of his friend up his hole, deeper and faster until those cum shots can’t be held back and they both get ready to jerk out their spunk. With a hot wad of cream splashed over his back, Johnni gets some assistance from his spent hung buddy and unloads his own balls in a very satisfying climax that really should leave you spent too :)



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Kayden Winters And Justin Riggs – Straight Guys Sucking Cock!

It’s all about the mutual oral for these two.¬†Kayden Winters and Justin Riggs are appearing on the Broke Straight Boys site to share their dicks, butt holes and mouths with each other in a slippery sucking and slurping session that has them both creaming all over!

Kayden Winters And Justin Riggs - Straight Guys Sucking Cock 1

I love seeing straight guys sucking cock, you can usually tell within moments when that switch flicks in their heads and they realize that a cock tastes real good!

Justin Riggs isn’t new to all this dick-pleasing, but Kayden Winters has never done anything with another dude before. He’s nervous about it, you can tell, but once his cock is between those sucking lips he really goes to town on his friends mouth and starts face fucking him!

With a finger up the new straight boys hole and his cock deep in Justin’s ass it soon becomes clear that that light has gone on inside the noobs head… he gets down on that juicy cock and takes his first taste of a wet shaft, and he loves it!

The guys swap their cocks in a mutual sucking 69 that proves these dudes might not be entirely straight anymore, and with both their shafts leaking precum in each others mouths and some tight pucker getting licked, the boys take each other to the limit and spew their hot cum wads out over each other to end the scene.

When you watch these two straight guys sucking cock and cumming so hard for each other you’ll be unloading too, and if you’re not then there is something wrong with you!



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