Saturday 25th October 2014,
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Eli Hunter In The Middle Of A Gay BDSM Gang Bang!

The themes and stories from the Bound In Public site are getting a little strange these days, but I don’t think you’ll be paying too much attention to that when you see Eli Hunter being the victim of a gay BDSM gang bang. He really gets it in this orgy video!

Eli Hunter In The Middle Of A Gay BDSM Gang Bang 1

So, the odd story for this one is that Eli is an art thief (yeah, I know) and he’s trying to sneak something out of a local San Francisco gallery. The guys quickly notice that something is definitely wrong, and within moments he’s tackled and subdued. It turns out that he really shouldn’t have tried to steal from these guys, because they (of course) have a very special way of teaching criminals who mess with them a very hard and horny lesson.

Eli finds himself subdued and naked within moments, but there’s far more humiliation and punishment in store for him as they gag and tie him, then get to work spanking his butt and zapping him. I don’t know why they have a zapper in an art gallery, but lets not dwell on the minor points lol

Cocks are soon out and dripping precum as he’s made to suck one, then another, being face fucked by any solid length that comes his way. Of course, his ass is next, but then you would expect nothing less from these famous kinky fuckers.

Fucked and fed by cock after cock, he’s tied up for some flogging until he finally begs for mercy and pleads with his captors. It wouldn’t be right to just let him go when so many cocks need to spew their cum loads, so he gets a final fucking from plenty of the guys and ends up drenched in their combined cum loads as they splash out their semen all over him ;)

I have to say that the suggestion that crime doesn’t pay seems to have been misrepresented in this video. I would probably be willing to risk it and get this kind of punishment from men like these. I might not be much of a bottom, but when a gay BDSM gang bang involves so many hot guys with great dicks I would be willing!



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So Much Muscle Cock In One Kinky Porn Video!

They’ve been putting on another of their amazing live shows on the Bound Gods site, and they’ve really picked a few of their hottest hunks with gorgeous bods and throbbing muscle cocks for this one too! Jessie Colter and Dirk Caber are at the mercy of dungeon master Trenton Ducati, and he knows how to take control!

So Much Muscle Cock In One Kinky Porn Video 1

Suspended and restrained from above, Jessie’s full weight is resting on the musclebound shoulders of agonized Dirk as Trenton enjoys himself, flogging and zapping the hunk. Trenton loves to see a guys muscles flexing, and this position really has Dirk bulging – including his cock!

Pegging fans will really love seeing both the guys tormented, with pegs up and down their bodies, the sudden pain of them being ripped off makes them cry out and wince!

There’s a whole lot more to come though, of course. Trenton has some of his favorite fucking machines on hand to show the muscled men what it’s going to feel like to have a real dick ramming into them. They both get a thorough fucking from those piston-driven tools, but their own leaking and drooling muscle cocks seem to suggest they love the feeling of some deep penetration.

As if he needs any more of an invitation to use his own throbbing boner, Trenton claims Dirk’s used and aching hole for his own cock, while making him fuck his buddy Jessie in turn!

No wonder both his slaves are cumming hard and messy, jacking themselves off at the end, before taking a splashing of hot semen from their dominating muscle man!



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Bareback Daddy Adam Russo Gives Armond Rizzo What He Needs!

If you’re a horny bottom who likes a hot and hunky bareback daddy ramming your hole, or a hot top who loves a tight naked ass to sink their meat into, you are going to cum hard watching this awesome raw fuck from Hot Barebacking, with Adam Russo and Armond Rizzo!

Bareback Daddy Adam Russo Gives Armond Rizzo What He Needs 1

I don’t really consider myself to be that much of a bottom, but believe me when I say that if I had the chance to take that meaty cock from Adam Russo I would be bending over and offering my butt with no questions asked!

This hairy muscled hunk is amazing to watch as he gets the action started with Armond, sucking cock and rimming hole, swapping their boners between them and working up to a horny fuck.

Adam has such an amazing dick, pink and thick, covered in throbbing veins and ready to ram deep and hard. It’s lucky he’s been teamed up with such a willing bottom, and Armond proves just how eager he is with all the positions and rampant ramming he takes as his bareback daddy top slams his dick into his hole!

You can guarantee that both are gonna cum hard at the end of this one, and you will too. It’s one of the horniest fuck scenes I’ve seen on there in the last few weeks, and one definitely going on my list to watch again ;)



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