Thursday 21st August 2014,
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Virgin Straight Boy Hole Gets A Good Fucking – Johnny Forza And Lucas Weston

This is one of those special occasions that really deserves to be seen by all the fans of virgin straight boy ass being pummeled. It’s a video from the Broke Straight Boys site with handsome and fit Johnny Forza showing Lucas Weston how to take a dick in his ass!

Virgin Straight Boy Hole Gets A Good Fucking - Johnny Forza And Lucas Weston 1

It needs to be said that Lucas is no stranger to sucking cock or fucking another guys ass, the dude was been converted to sharing his own cock with other guys a long time ago. This is the first time, however, that he’s given up his own snug virgin straight boy ass for another of the guys to sink into, and it apparently took a lot of money and persuading to have him do it.

Johnny¬†Forza is the lucky one taking it in this scene, perhaps not the best choice for a virgin. This handsome and hunky young man really loves to fuck a guys hole, and he doesn’t usually hold back with that long pink boner either.

The sucking is enough to have most of us beating our meat and holding back a cum shot, with the handsome straight boy gagging and tearing up as he tries to swallow that length. He gets a little reward when Johnny returns the favor of course, but soon his hot naked ass is being fucked and all bets are off.

Although Lucas protests and little, cries out and seems to be in discomfort (understandable) his own cock is throbbing and leaking juice as Johnny rams into him over and over. With a cum load splashed into his broken-in hole, he’s ready to jerk out his own wad and seems to suggest at the end that he actually enjoyed the sensation of being fucked for the first time.

I think they’ve just converted another straight boy into taking cock in his hole!



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Jacob Marteny Gets The Hot Hole Of Sam Northman

Hot jock bottom Sam Northman has really been proving himself lately on the College Dudes site, getting some great action with some of the most impressive performers they have to share with the members. He’s getting it again, good and deep, in this new hardcore ass fuck scene with brand new boy Jacob Marteny!

Jacob Marteny Gets The Hot Hole Of Sam Northman 1

If you’re going to be welcomed into the world of hardcore gay fucking on video then you could do a lot worse than Sam, which is something Jacob definitely appreciates right from the start of this video. The guys are quick to get feasting on each others hard dick, sucking and licking with the kind of hunger and passion you would really expect from lovers already familiar with each other.

Even though these guys are new to each others dicks they obviously know what it takes to get a boys cock throbbing and needing more.

Sam’s hot and eager hole is soon up for some rimming and fingering, it’s a tempting sight too as Jacob works his hole and prepared him for that stiff length.

Once inside he’s thrusting away and showing Sam (and us) that he has what it takes to get a boy off in real style. He fucks that hot ass all over the bed and eventually the two splash out their hot juices all over Sam’s naked and satisfied body!



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Bareback Twinks Riverside Fuck!

I have seen some truly interesting starts to hardcore gay porn scenes in my time, but this one with bareback twinks Rene and Jim from the SD Boy site really takes the rule book and throws it out of the window! Saved from drowning, Jim gets a great hole to fuck in gratitude!

Bareback Twinks Riverside Fuck 1

Yes, this scene starts with Rene discovering sexy young Jim laying in the water looking like he’s in need of some assistance. Helped up onto the surrounding rocks Rene seems to take advantage of the situation and rather than giving the kiss of life he just seems to be interested in snogging the boy!

That’s fine with Jim though, he’s soon kissing back and revealing his hard and throbbing cock for his rescuer to suck on, a tempting oral session that is soon being returned.

There’s more, of course, these are bareback twinks who love nothing more than sliding some rock hard inches up into a friends hole and fucking him hard and deep. Rene gets the honor, thrusting his meat into his new friend with some real power and force, leading to some deliciously creamy cum shots that should have every one of you splashing out your own!



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