Tuesday 02nd September 2014,
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Jock Flip Fucking – Tayte Hanson and Justin Matthews

What does the Cocky Boys site do when they want to pair up two “mostly top” guys like Tayte Hanson and Justin Matthews? They get them to do a jock flip fucking scene! I think most of you will agree that this is one flip fuck that deserves to be in your collection for plenty of future jerking!

Jock Flip Fucking - Tayte Hanson and Justin Matthews 1

The guys met up in New York and it seems they had an instant chemistry. That’s not so surprising, given that Tayte has already said he’d love to get into some hardcore action with the boy-next-door Justin. And of course, Justin is horny for cock constantly, so within moments of them meeting there was some real hunger to get it on.

Neither of these hot guys has given up his ass on camera before, so seeing them in a jock flip fucking scene is pretty special. Not only do we see them sharing their cocks with the kind of hunger you would expect from men like these, they’re soon rimming and swapping their fuck holes to get that cum building up.

Justin gets it first in this outdoor fuck, and man does he seem to be enjoying it! If you love a real vocal bottom dude then you’ll really enjoy seeing him taking it from Tayte.

Of course, things switch, and Tayte shows just how skilled he is in taking a hard length up his chute too. When the pleasure becomes too much for the two they’re soon both squirting out their cum seconds apart, proving again what an excellent match they were.

You might come away from this one thinking that perhaps these guys have found a soul-mate in each other.



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Uncut European Jock Threesome!

I have something totally hot to share with you today, and I know you’re gonna love it. It’s the latest double edition scene from the Bel Ami Online site, with an uncut European jock threesome fuck starring Tony Conrad, Ramon Macchio and Yannick Modine!

Uncut European Jock Threesome 1

Yannick is perhaps the luckiest guy in this dpouble release, first getting his mouth and ass fucked hard and deep by his two friends, then returning for part two to get revenge on their holes and fucking each of them too!

These double scenes are always awesome to watch, but I think this one has to be one of the best of this year. All three guys are new to the gay porn business, but every one of them has a clear lust for cock that makes them an instant star.

They’re all so into it as they suck and slurp on each other, and slide their naked dicks into mouths and tight smooth butt holes. There’s no acting here that I can see, although all their videos they ever produce seem to be so natural and horny.

Of course, one of the best things about this uncut European jock threesome is all the cum these guys share all throughout the double scene. I don’t now how they find all these guys with big uncut dicks, hot bods, handsome faces and big cum loads, but I hope they carry on delivering these hotties for years to come! ;)



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Kip Johnson In A Public Gay Gang Bang Session!

Public gay gang bang action is something the Bound In Public site obviously does extremely well, but this video starring victim Kip Johnson is a little more horny than that as he takes some public punishment at Dore Alley 2014!

Kip Johnson In A Public Gay Gang Bang Session 1

The site has a booth there, with a growing audience of horny men enjoying the live action as Kip is pulled from the crowd and given some very special treatment from a gathering of horny dominating men.

Mitch Vaughn and Connor Maguire lead the punishment as their slave is pegged, flogged, abused and his cock used and toyed with. The humiliation isn’t over yet though, as he’s led through the crowd and guys take pictures. Then it’s time for the real action!

This is a gay gang bang, and a public one at that, so you know you can expect to see him being fed plenty of cock and being fucked in the ass by the guys as the crowd chants for them to “Fuck that hole!”

And of course they do, leading to poor Kip being smothered in cum loads as all the guys splash out their semen all over him! It’s a perfect messy bukkake finish to a real hardcore gay gang session.



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